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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paneer Chilly!!

Paneer Chilly: Indian cheese cooked in Chinese style.

Again another version of Paneer.I gave it a name Paneer Chilly as it is bit in Chinese style though not completely.
I love Paneer and try to make some quick one out of it.So this is really tasty and a quick paneer recipe.

For this u need Paneer, Cabbage,Onion(for this i prefer red onion but u can use whatever you have),Tomato,capsicum,Ginger,garlic,Green Chili,vinegar,chili sauce , coriander powder,red chili and salt

Sliced all veggie very very thin.Quantity should be approx equal meaning all should be in same proportion except tomato keep them half the quantity as sliced and grate the another half quantity of tomato .

Take mustard Oil add sliced Ginger and Gralic.Saute till they are brown.Then add Onion and saute.After 5 min add cabbage,grated Tomato,Coriander powder,chili powder,salt.saute few min till cabbage is cooked then add sliced green chili and if you have any ready made masala like shahi paneer or any masala available in ur pantry.add lil bit of it.
Once cabbage is cooked add capsicum and after 5 min add Paneer and cooked for min.Then add 1tbs Vinegar and 1tsp chili sauce cook for another 5 min and serve with any bread of your choice.