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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Indian Style Cake!!

Hey Do u remember Britannia Fruit Cake in India..oh i just lovedd it.

here is similar cake recipe

Just try it out!!!


1 cup of maida(128gram)
1 cup of Sugar
1 cup of oil
1 tbs custard powder
1 tea spoon of baking powder
four eggs
2-3 Drops of vanilla essence


Mix dry maida, baking powder, Sugar and custard powder thoroughly. Now broke eggs in blender/mixer,add one cup of oil and vanilla essence ,blend it for a minute. Now start the mixer on slow speed and add the dry mixture (maida, Sugar etc.) spoon by spoon and this way add the full dry mixture. Now pour the mixture in baking dish and bake this mixture in pre heated oven at 275 for 30-40 min. See through the transplant of oven that the cake is golden brown in colour. Close the oven and do cool the cake. Now cut into pieces and enjoy it with tea.


Anonymous said...

I tried your cake and it tasted yum!

Rupali Jain said...

Sheetal ..i am glad to know that

Unknown said...

Hi thanks for the recipes of cake and pyaaz parantha!Both were delectable.

Unknown said...

I am just crazy about Britannia fruit cake and was trying hard to get it's recipe.Because I am away from India and I terribly miss it. Here the cakes sold in the name of fruit cake are just horrible... I will surely try your recipe. But I am surprised to know that even though it's called "Fruit cake", there are no fruits actually used in it's recipe!!! I used to think that it's so yummy because it might contain extracts of numerous fruits...(I could just see some glaced cherries in that)

Rupali Jain said...

Hey Winner gal..yup u r right even i too wonder its called fruit cake and no fruit in it,,but it has fruit essence in it..and that cheery part i tried a lot but i cant find it here in US.once i bought it from India but they get bad pretty fast so no use....BUt still it satisfy my craving for that Britania Cake :)

Geetanjali Dwivedi said...


I tried this cake , and it came out awsm, very delicious... Thanks for d wonderful cake recipe. You know from last onbe year i was searching for this type of fruit cake recipe, I googled n all but everywhere i got the fruit cake recipe with cinnamon powder and with other spices, n I hate that. But your recipe was just yummy....

Thanks alot.......

aditya bansal said...

Is it possible to make it eggless. If yes, please tell the recipe

sarika said...

aditya :yes u can substitue eggs with condensed milk but dont put sugar