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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sirke Wali Pyaz(Hotel Style)

Ohhhh i love these pyaz...Back in india whenever we plan to go to a restaurant for dinner my first question come is "Do they give sirke wali pyaz"..I just love them.
This time when i went to my fav. Restaurant in india where i get these onion , i cant stop myself asking recipe of these from the chef.So here i am sharing it with u all.
Well here goes the recipe

Shallot/Perl Onion (Quantity depends on you)
White Vinegar(Quantity:Onion should be completely covered)
Salt according to taste
Sugar to take away the sourness of vinegar.
For colour: Beetroot or Orange/Red Food colour
(I usually mix both Orange n red colour).
Mix Everything and leave for a few hours(atleast for 6 hr). Serve drained (without the liquid).


Anonymous said...

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Sanctified Spaces said...

Cool.I used to wonder how this was made.I found the answer today.Thanx