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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Semolina Bread!!

This a perfect Tea time snack,great for Kids and Adult.Really easy and simple to make.
Being working don't get that much time to cook.Many a times feel like having some quick good snack which is easy to make,so this evening while coming back from Office was thinking of these Bread.So here you go for this you will need.

1/2 cup Semolina(Suji)
lil less than 1/2 cup curd.it should be of thick consistency.
Chopped vegetable(Onion, capsicum, green chilli and Tomato),i add these but you can add more veggie like carrot, cucumber and whatever you can think of.
Salt and Pepper
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves chopped into small
Bread(Whole wheat/White) your choice

Sock the Semolina in curd for 15-20 min.Then add salt and pepper and the chopped veggies.Take the bread cut the sides and spread 1 big spoon of the mixture over the one side of bread.
Take a pan add 1/2 tsp oil, add Mustard seeds(a pinch) and pinch of Curry leaves. Then put the mixture side bread over this Oil mix and let it cook for 5 min then turn the side of bread.Cook until it get really good brown color on both sides of bread.Cut into triangles and you Snack is ready to serve.Serve it with any chutney on side and a Cup of Chai.


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It really brings out the flavor, but for some reason I never make it. I should - it's a perfect holiday treat. Anyway,I like your menu it look so delicious.


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nice post
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Fantastic and healthy snack. Whole family loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Yummy Mummy said...

A delicious breakfast recipe.

Home delivery said...

So yumm they look. hope its as easy to cook also :)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I am extremely happy to see bread item after long time. I was curious to prepare stuff based on bread. I would like to know otherIndian Food Recipes relatively having same taste.

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Unknown said...

This a perfect Tea time snack,great for Kids and Adult.Really easy and simple to make.
Being working don't get that much time to cook..
Now it is easy for me to cook..
Thumbs up for a great recipes...
These are awesome

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Unknown said...

This breakfast recipe is great. On weekends my wife cooks other than the routine foods and we relish food made by her. This sunday I will prepare this simple dish from Indian food
.Thanks for sharing.