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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brushetta with Tomato n Basil

Bruschetta (pron. brus'ket'ta in English, /bɾu'sketta/ in Italian) is a food whose origin dates to at least the 15th century from central Italy.
In Italian, bruschetta is pronounced [brusˈket:a], though in English-speaking countries it is commonly pronounced /brəˈʃɛtə/.

1 loaf Hard Crust Bread
8-10 Cloves garlic
4 tbs Butter
3 Roma tomatoes
5-6 basil Leaves/Italian seasoning
1 tbs Olive oil
Salt n Pepper

Cut the bread loaf diagonally into half-inch thick slices.Peel,wash and finely chop garlic.mix half of it with butter and italian seasoning and spread well on the slices.toast the slice in the oven till crisp.

Wash ,halves,DE seed and finally chop tomatoes.Wash and cut basil leaves into stripes.Keep some for garnish.

In a bowl mix together chopped tomatoes,basil strips,olive oil,remaining half of garlic,salt n pepper.Rest the mixture for about half an hour.

Spread the mixture over the toasted garlic bread and serve with strips basil.

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EC said...

Looks very colourful